Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Knitting some more. Will practice until I am good. Grandma's friend Joyce knits all the time and loaned me a pattern book of like 80's looking sweaters. Seriously most of them should come with leg warmers and a big hair wig. But Still a few were more timeless then others. Might make some some day if I ever get any circular needles. Until then I am still making blanket granny squares and crocheting a tube dress!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Made a new project start. (Photograph above) I frog a lot(sometimes I take the yarn out and abandon the project for something else) but outrage fuels this one, that and desire to get this done before the 24th so I can have a dress to wear to meet up with my Sweetheart. Awesome for the win and $45? NAH man Ya naw mean?
Yarn: Red Heart super saver/ Color(so far): Amethyst
Hook: H(I wanted my G hook but its missing again -_-)
This is the linky to the Ravelry $45 pattern. After reading it in the LJ comm CrochetCrochet, I am sitting here in my boiling NO WAY outrage then I think..."OMG I will easily make this stuff here and the additions are not that hard to figure out!"
Last dress I made was when I was 12 and it fit mind you so I can make a dress to fit me or any other person I can make park their butt next to me to be repeatedly measured. Last time was...Does this chain go around me? This time Chainless Single Crochet foundation! Use of Measuring Tape! Woo for advancing in craftiness!
Anyway to the picture. Starting on row 15 of about 87 by my estimation before I hit coloar length since each row is about 1cm high ^_^

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cody(Ace) and his dog Fox
Always the serious one Ace! Cody and I in his Yard

Epic effort being undertaken: Ripple Afghan. Colors Black, Dark orchid, Lavender, Amethyst and Blueberry pie, all colors provided by Red Heart Yarns in 7 oz or more skeins save for the Blueberry pie which is a 5oz of which I did not have ALL of it remaining.
Just spent nearly a week with Cody, Julie, Ryan, Joe, And Joeanne(sp?)And returned Sunday Afternoon, Along with the people I spent time with the pets of the household, Female Joe's Dogs, Manx, who is Male Joe's Familiar, Nina who is Cody's cat that Julie and still has and Cody's Dog the awesome and someday soon to be huge Great Dane-Mastiff dog Fox. He is only about 3-5 months old I forget how old but at full growth he will weigh in at 210lbs and stand five feet tall at the shoulder. He will be able to lick his master's face while having all 4 feet on the ground. Cody likes big dogs though. He and I and Julie have somewhat sorted out our issues and are working back towards being a happy pack o people again. I adore his roomie Joe. Can tolerate and appreciate the other roomie female Joe. Love Ryan(god) and finally met Sara who had friended me on facebook on the basis I was the 'Missy that Lacey referred to sometimes.' Her kidletts are adorable, messy but adorable.
Pics above enjoy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

OMG the great adventure!

Today I went down to the food bank which happens to be inside the second hand store in our small, arid, hamlet. I found yarn and made items which makes me happy because hello I can so frog that and make something less utilitarian out of that rainbow and earth toned beucille (sp) yarn I found. However I also braved the wild idea and found 3 sets of knitting needles, the straight varieties in 3 different sizes - 8 11 an 15 going to try and learn to knit since I have a beginners book on such from the bookmobile as well...crazy, I know, the knitting and crocheting alliance leader of ss21's Blades. Holy Steel!( and aluminum!) o=}=====> ]=========>
Below is a picture of a finished drawstring makeup purse

I enjoyed making it now someday I need to get it to its intended recipient!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2-11-10 +Book review

Been not crocheting for a few days. Have a yarn shortage like no other and no cash yet from watching the cousin's spawn to help relieve that situation. I guess I have to be creative in other ways like writing on my fan fictions and my fictions for a change and reading all the books I snitched from the bookmobile and the west wendover library. Might just start on something small that will only use up one ball of yarn and also untangle the two mated balls of regular ole red heart that are bonded inside a book bag waiting for me to finish untangling them to use them. That is if I have the patience fairies come visit me.
/Latest book read/
Title: Wings
Author: E.D. Baker
This is a young adult book. I read it in less then four hours because I can read much more complicated stories at full speed after so many years being addicted to books. It however was worth gobbling up like really good candy. Read it, let your young tweens and teens read it. It is a fun read.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Post

This is going to be a two fold blog. First off I am going to post my creative creations made through fiber craft here. Secondly I will use this as yet another place to post my writing. Other things may sneak in sideways however that is the main point of this blog is to showcase things I either made or wrote.

In that spirit here is a cool bag I made up solely on my own with no pattern to follow. Also if anyone would like me to or not I am going to make the pattern for this bag and publish it shortly. Thank you!